Marathon/Ultramarathon training (19/02/18 – 25/02/18)

So after last weeks “rest week” I finally got my mojo back and got a few decent runs in. It was also my first full week of training without my treadmill so I had no choice but to hit the streets. I managed 5 runs and covered a total of 51km, with 2 rest days.


So I started my week with 7.5km of the least motivated running ever… my mojo still wasn’t quite back but I still got it done! I prefer to run at night but realised today that my £5 head torch from Aldi’s held together with tape has seen way better days… probably would have had more light if I carried a candle around with me! Still 42:35 for 7.58 km wasn’t too bad.


Today I did a run that if I had to categorise it with one word I’d probably go with undulating! Although it was only 6km it felt a hell of a lot longer. The run goes along the mountain cycle path towards Blaenavon… it’s pretty open up there and always windy, I’m not sure what the temperature actually was but with the windchill it felt like I could easily be in the minus degrees. I also threw in a couple of hill repeats… I only managed two and I was spent. There’s a real nasty hill on this run I decided to do my hill repeats on… it’s probably only about a 200m stretch but feels like it’s almost vertical at points it’s that steep. Good for the leg strength though.


Another cold dark 7.5 km tonight. The same run as I did Monday but about 2 minutes faster. I felt a lot better today than Monday and I think the time showed that.


First long run of the week, and another 15k in the bag. Ran the first 10k with my other/better half, I don’t normally run with other people so quite enjoyed today. Deciding to run the mountain path after the first 10k was a bit of a school boy error though… felt pretty hard on the legs but still a nice 15k.


Made the most of another beautiful day with another 13.89km. Really felt yesterday’s 15k in the last 5k though, felt like I was running in treacle. The gorgeous views made the run a bit easier though!


Author: valleyrunner1985

South Wales Valley runner, fundraising for the National Autistic Society

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