Ultra/marathon training (12/03/18 – 18/03/17)

Well if I’m honest that was another disappointing week when it came to my running. Work, niggling injuries, lost mojo, cancelled races and the return of the beast from the east… I only managed three runs totalling then amazing grand total distance of 18.9 km.


So my knees been a bit tender the last few days so I decided to give the run a miss and give the kettlebell snatch half marathon another go. I managed 346 reps in the 30 minutes time limit. The first time I tried this last week I only managed 319 reps so I was pretty happy with today’s workout.


Only a 6.73 kilometre run tonight but god I felt like stopping a few times! I threw in three hill repeats into an already hilly run, I would love to call them hill sprints but was pretty much crawling by the top! God those hills are nasty! Not sure if I should look for a hill with less of an incline to do my hill work on… maybe less incline more speed would be more beneficial than steep inclines and snail pace… who knows, something to experiment with in the coming weeks.


Just another steady paced 6k tonight, it’s really hard to run fast when you’ve got to look for your mojo all the way around… I wouldn’t say I’m a fast runner by any stretch of the imagination but when I run on my own I’m normally average around 5:30 minutes per km, but today I averaged 5:49 min/km, and if I’m honest I was very surprised I ran that fast. Nothing zaps energy more than negativity… and I really wasn’t feeling that run one bit, every step I took was a struggle… but on the plus side I got it done, and I guess I felt a little bit better about things knowing I got a few miles in.


With the weather already pretty crappy and forecasted to be getting worse there’s was a good chance tomorrow’s newport half marathon could be cancelled AGAIN… so I decided to brave the snow for a little run in the morning before it got too bad.

It was the first time I’ve ran in snow in years, so dressed like I was about to rob a bank I set off!Iced over snow covered paths and bitterly cold strong winds made the going really slow… although I wore my inov8 parkclaw trail trainers the conditions underfoot were still pretty dodgy, I was planning on going a bit further but after almost slipping and falling on my ass a few times decided to stick to 6 km.


So with today’s Newport half marathon cancelled for a second time due to the snow, and another load of snow in the South Wales valleys I turned to the kettlebell again. Today I managed 361 kettlebell snatches in 30 minutes, a further improvement from Monday’s workout. As much as I need to get my mileage back up I’m really keen to add more kettlebell and strength work to my training too! If I’m honest with myself I just need to be doing more whatever I’m doing!!

Just wanted to finish off with my normal reminder: if you’ve taken the time to read this far please take another few minutes to look at my JustGiving page! Raising awareness and money for the National Autistic Society is the main reason for me doing all this.


Thanks in advance!

Owain Williams – The Valley Runner


Author: valleyrunner1985

South Wales Valley runner, fundraising for the National Autistic Society

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